5.23.06 Taiwan to Japan via cargo ship

5.23.06  Taipei to Keelung, Taiwan in transit to Naha, Okinawa, Japan via cargo ship
before heading out of town, i meet another traveler from hawaii named danica.  we have a great conversation and she gives me a hug before i take off.  that hug reminds me of an answer i can give people when they ask what i miss most while i am in asia.  the hugs.  people just don’t seem to hug that often in asia.

the bus ride to keelung is a breeze and i grab a honey milk bubble tea for the ride, walking through the stuffy underground shops to get to it.  it’s raining cats and dogs outside.  i hop on the bus, play the guitar for passengers in the back row, and arrive in keelung in roughly 45 minutes.  the rain doesn’t stop and i am left getting soaked by it all as i search for the correct port authority.  the immigration office steers me in the right direction.  finally i make it to the right building.  the goal right now is to make sure that my seat on the boat is reserved and that it is for sure leaving tonight at 8:00.  eventually, i make it to a room filled with employees, but they don’t speak english.  they get me on the horn with somebody who speaks a little and it seems as though i am on the roster.  i feel much more relieved knowing that my name is on a list somewhere.  i don’t know where that list is, but it’s somewhere.  i joke around with the crew in the office who are all interested in the traveling american.  “happiness everyday” i tell them in chinese.  they erupt in a near standing ovation.  i love the enthusiasm.

so, i have six hours to kill, and now that i don’t have to carry my backpack around, i am anxious to walk around the city.  a market comes my way and it is filled with the familiar food stands of the thai markets in krabi.  the smiling faces of the employees all try to get me to try their food.  the smells of the food filter out into my nostrils and it’s hard to choose what to eat, partly because it all looks so good, and partly because i have no clue what most of it is.  i have some soup, rice, meat, and top it all off with a banana shake.

the time comes to check in and a complication arises when they don’t accept the flight information in my notebook as a certified ticket.  i try to tell them to call the airline, but they need paper tickets in front of them.  no big deal, all i have to do is buy a return ticket, which isn’t that much more.   finally, the bus loads up the six passengers and drives us to our ship.  and man oh man was i right to think that this boat was going to be bigger.  in fact, it looks ten times bigger.  to give you an idea, the reception area of the boat is bigger than most hotels and has a tree sitting in the middle of it.  a small section of the boat houses actual semi trucks that were driven on, six wide and six deep.  i am like a kid in a candy store once i am free to roam around the boat.  by now, the rain has settled down to a light drizzle and i am able to take some pictures.  the lights from the boats in the distance cast a hazy light bulb color.  the surroundings are amazing and i check out each and every section of the boat before heading back inside.

a japanese girl my age sits at her computer.  i strike up a conversation with her and she can speak a little english.  her name is nao (pronounced now) and she studies chinese in taipei.  she is coming home for a week to visit family in kyoto.  she helps me learn the key phrases to help me get by in japan.  we can barely tell, but the boat starts moving out to sea.  i am anxious to head outside and see what traveling on the open ocean feels like.  and in fact, it’s kind of scary.  the rails are about waist high, telling me that one false move and i could go sailing ove that rail, never to be seen again.  the rain making everything slick isn’t helping the situation.  the waves crashing against the boat area great sound, but i head inside, it is getting late anyway.

i share a dorm room with two older japanese men.  the pillow is a leather rectangle with about the size of a half a loaf of bread.  not the most comfortable pillow, but it does the job once i wrap my blanket around it.  as i read, i can start to feel the boat swaying back and forth.  it’s very subtle, yet, i can tell it’s there.  after a while, it rocks me to sleep.

5.24.06 Pacific Ocean arriving in Naha, Okinawa – Japan
i wake up realizing that i never exchanged my taiwanese new dollars for yen before taking off to see.  luckily now has enough to perform an exchange.  she heads back to taiwan in a couple of weeks anyway, so she assures me that it’s alright.  i immediately buy a cup of noodles and we head out to the back deck to eat our breakfast with a clear sky and ocean view.  the beautiful day on the ship makes me feel stronger, makes me walk taller.   i sit and stare at the open ocean, watching the waves produced my the massiveness of the boat, take a deep breath of the crisp air, and feel the sun beating down on my face.  this is amazing.

i head back inside and upstairs to the ballroom where the japanese immigration stam my passport.  we all then head via bus to get our bags checked out for firearms and what not.  a sniffing dog sneaks up behind my and tickles the back of my legs.  wasn’t expecting that.  nao helps me research the cheapest options to get to toyoma where my brother lives.  the boat into tokyo is by far the cheapest, so she books me a seat for tomorrow’s departure at 6:00 pm.  the entire time we research, we are being hovered over by a man who wants us to stay at his hostel.  we give in once he tells us he’ll drive us there for free.  this is of course all relayed to me through nao.  we arrive at the hostel, and this is without a doubt the first of it’s kind for me.  the living room area is filled with grown men, some even in their eighties!  they all give me a wave as i enter and i toss them a long winded konichiwa.  the bunk beds are hand made and i toss my bags up in one.  i head back towards the girls dorm where nao is taying and we then head out to dinner.  she takes me to an authentic okinawa restaurant and we have raw fish.  once again, this is the first meal of it’s kind for me.  the raw fish is simply served on a plate, cut in slices at a 45 degree angle.  the familiar wasabe and soy sauce are then brought out.  there is a couple dining next to us.  the boyfriend is wearing a tank top and is extremely burnt outside of the linings of the cotton.  this tells me that okinawa is more of a vacation spot for most japanese.  the dinner is great.  never thought i would like raw fish, but it honestly didn’t taste fishy, which helps.

i call adam and tell him that i will be ariving on monday morning, early.  it sounds good to him and thus it is a plan.  my plan thus far is to arrive in tokyo on saturday night, stay with a fellow traveler i met in malaysia named paul, then get take the night bus that i have reserved for sunday night to arrive in toyama at 6:30 am on monday.

upon arriving back at the hostel, an 86 year old man sits outside smoking a cigarette.  i say hello to him and he says to me in a gargling voice, “smoke time.”  i sit next to him and i try talking to him as much as possible.  his english isn’t that good, but good enough to tell me how large the american air base is here.  i love talking with older people when traveling.  they are much more focused and actually want to hear what you have to say, and i feel i can always learn something from them as well.  it’s usually a much more patient conversation than with a young person.

5.25.06 Naha, Okinawa in transit to Tokyo, Honshu – Japan
the first thing i do this morning is head out and buy some cheap noodles for the trip, realizing that food served on the boat is expensive.  i return back to the hostel to eat a bowl and watch reruns of kick boxing matches on the television with the ecletic group.  the rain starts to fall as i head out to find a bus that will take me out to the port of naha.  after much research, i find that a bus won’t leave for that section of town for another few hours.  i don’t want to wait around, so i decide to walk.  the lady at the travel agency told me it should only take about a half an hour.  i can handle that kind of walk.  so i head out, with backpack and guitar over the shoulder, in the pouring down rain, and walk to the ports.  now, i told you about my sandal breaking in australia…well, everytime that i slip because of the slickness of the rain on smooth tiles in between the sidewalk, my sandal breaks.  i end up saying screw it and just walk barefoot the entire way.  the walk is much longer than a half hour.  it takes me two hours to finally get there.  granted, i do take a couple of breaks because the weight on my shoulders is a little strong sometimes.  finally i reach a stopping point where it looks like i am going to have to turn around because the road i need to be on is down a hill and through a cemetary.  well, i’ve come this far, and i love taking the road less traveled, so i hoof it through the hills of the cemetary, finally reaching the road.  i can see the port in the distance, which makes the walk seem much shorter from here on out.  finally i arrive soaking wet, still carrying my guitar without a case mind you.  sure enough, i dry it off, tune it up, and it still plays like a dream.

after changing my shirt in the bathroom, i head into the restaurant to kill some time before the ship leaves.  there are two men sitting at the bar and one of them immediately calls me out upon entering the room.  i get to talking to them about my travels and they tell me to pull up a seat.  when they find out that i play the guitar, they make me go get it.  i play a little, but then hand over the guitar to the quiet one and he busts out some original okinawa music that blows my mind.  it’s great to hear other people play my guitar, especially when it is authentic ancient music.  ya see, sometimes i feel like my guitar isn’t capable of making those sounds, but this is proof right here that it can sound traditional, or tribal, or rockin’.  these two guys look after me and make sure to introduce me to a group of friends my age who are also taking the boat to tokyo.

the time comes, i say my goodbyes to my new friends, and head to the boat via bus again.  the boat is run by a different company, but it looks to be the same size.  the inside is defintely not as nice though.  in fact, there is only one room where we all sleep on what resemble exercise mats.  the rectangle leather pillows are the same.  i throw my stuff down and order some curry rice for dinner.  the ocean is much more rough on this trip than it was from taiwan to keelung.  the boat seems to sway back and forth much much more, making me hold my plate in place as i dine.  i am dead tired after today’s walk through the rain and i hit the sack early.

5.26.06 Pacific Ocean – Philipine Strait in transit to Tokyo via Kyushu Island
i wake up early and look out the window.  it is still storming outside.  i look closer at the water and watch dolphins jump into the waves made by the boat.  i keep hoping to see a whale jump out of the water, but realize that i couldn’t get that lucky.  i fix myself a bowl of noodles and a guy my age realizes i don’t have any utensil to eat them with and he gives me his wooden spoon and insists that i keep it.  his name is Tomo and he is from the island of kyushu, which is where we are stopping for a few hours before heading onto tokyo.  tomo is carrying a guitar with him and we immediately start talking music.  his english isn’t that well, but we speak in artists.  he says bob marley and my eyes light up.  we both grab our guitars and jam the day away, playing songs back and forth with one another.  we are definitely on the same wave length musically.  he considers himself to be a rasta man, dredding his hair out, and listening to reggae music.  his profession is that of breeding fish.  what a life.  he bounces from island to island, only working six months on, six months off.  tomo is such a good man and our time is cut short when we arrive at the port of kyushu and he has to get off.   he gives me a postcard with his information on it and also gives me a tuning fork in the key of A with a strand of clothing material attached to it.  i take the gifts with extreme thanks and scrounge through my bag looking for something worthy of giving him in return.  i finally come across the shells that i gathered in thailand.  thing is, none of them have survived the wear and tear of travel, except one.  i tell tomo how all the other shells broke, but not this one.  we say our goodbyes…that’s the duality of travel.  you get to meet great people, but then you have to say goodbye way sooner than you would ever want to.  he asks me to sign his guitar and i draw the symbol that i have been drawing since college, with two angular shaped characters with their open mouths both equidistant from taking a chunk out of the world.  i sign it kaito, which is now my japanese name.  it means, at one with the ocean.  nao picked that name for me on the first ship.

and so just like that, tomo walks off the boat.  i wonder if i will ever see him again.  see thing is, if i weren’t traveling to meet up with my family, then i would have gotten off the boat right then and there and got a lesson in breeding fish.  we hang at the port for a while and then shove off back to the sea.  the boat moves on into a heavy storm in the ocean.  the waves are enormous and send the boat swaying back and forth, heavier than i have ever experienced.  even the crew, when walking from point A to point B, walk in a zig zag line as if they just put their head on the butt of a baseball bat, spun around a hundred times, and attemted to walk straight.  at first it’s fun, but when you randomly hear pots and pans go flying in the kitchen, you start to worry just a little bit.  then books start falling out of the bookcase.  it’s all starting to make me feel a little woozy.  i head outside to get a little fresh air and promptly return inside for fear of being sent overboard due to the weightlessness created when the boat sways.  you know, i would have thought that we were in some serious trouble, but the crew seemed to handle the situation as if it were just another cruise on the ocean.  so in turn, i don’t worry.  we could be sinking and as long as the crew kept a straight face i would assume everything is alright.

i head to the kitchen and order some curry rice again.  about halfway through the motion from the ocean really starts to get to me.  i get up to head toward the restroom, luckily grabbing a plastic bag sitting on the shelf on the way out.  my stomach tosses every last bite back into the bag.  it makes me feel better, but only for a while.  i crawl onto my mat, curl up in the fetal position, and close my eyes hoping that a little sleep will make it all go away.  the boat continues to crash up and down, shifting the weight in my face in a circular motion as if someone is holding a vaccuum just beyond the surface of my skin.  i lay with my eyes open, watching the curtains repetitively bounce off the wall.  finally, i get some sleep.

5.27.06 Pacific Ocean in transit to Tokyo
the storm is still coming hard, the boat still rocks, and the waves out in the ocean are enormous.  it’s quite exciting to be in the middle of all this, i mean, there is nothing i can do now, so i might as well enjoy the ride.  i stand up to go to the restroom and the weightlessness comes flying back as the boat violently tips back and forth.  in between sways, it feels like i could do the astronaut trick, making the apple defy gravity right in front of my face.  i fall back onto the mat and read catch-22.  it’s great to have a book keeping me company.  and as long as i’m grounded, i don’t feel sick.  the storm won’t let up and has delayed our arrival time by ten hours.

the day goes on with me just eating crackers and reading, every once in a while getting some fresh air and watching the storm outside on the deck.  just after dinner time, the captain comes in the room and announces something to everyone in the room.  a couple of guys next to me raise their hand.  i guess i’ll find out what he meant at some point.  at around 11:00, the boat docks in tokyo and one of the passengers motions to me that we can sleep on the boat until 5:00am.  that sounds good to me, as i don’t really feel like contacting my friend paul and arriving at his house this late.  i am glad to sit back and relax and fall asleep without any movement on the boat.

Concert @ Main d’Oeuvres

Samedi 18 octobre à 19h

1798613_10152485771773429_7243244279230437824_nKynarou a 10 ans !

Pour cette occasion unique, nous vous avons concocté plein de surprises, que vous pourrez découvrir le samedi 18 octobre 2014, de 14h à Minuit, à Mains D’oeuvres, à Saint Ouen.

Au programme : Projections de documentaires, cours de yoga, ateliers pour les enfants, ateliers henné, épices, exposition photos sur l’Inde, 3 concerts dès 19H.  (That’s me!)
Un stand de grignotage vous sera proposé ainsi qu’un stand de vente (boutique solidaire Kynarou).

L’entrée est gratuite de 14h à 19h,
A partir de 19h, l’entrée est à six euros.

Les fonds récoltés seront dédiés à nos projets hydrauliques et sanitaires dans les villages défavorisés du sud de l’Inde.

Nous vous attendons nombreux !

Mains D’oeuvres
1 rue Charles Garnier
93400 Saint-Ouen
Metro Line 13 : Garibaldi

Fête de la Musique

Fete de la MusiqueJe joue samedi avec mon rockin’ trio Pelican Palace pour la Fête de la Musique.

21h au Sonart
55 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pig
75009 Paris

Pelican Palace @ Piston Pelican

Concert : Saturday April 26th : 21:00 – 23:30

We’re back!!  This Saturday night the power pelican trio at the Piston Pelican!!

Piston Pelican
15 rue de Bagnolet
75020 – Paris
Metro Line 2 : Alexandre Dumas

Pelican Palace Concert @ Cafe de l’Amitié

Pelican Palace UnpluggedThe Pelican Palace electric trio will be changing up the lineup at the next concert…unplugged…with 3 guitars!

Ben Vanhove will be switching from drums to electric guitar.  Sylvain Chavaribeyre will be trading his contrebasse for his nylon string guitar.  And I’ll be playing the Taylor steel string.  2014, the year of experimenting!

February 1 @ 20h
Le Café de l’Amitié
22 rue Vignoles
75020 – Paris
Metro Ligne 2: Avron
Metro Ligne 9: Buzenval

Pelican Palace @ l’Apérock Café

Move it on over!  Pelican Palace is playing at l’Apérock Café next Friday night.  Do like Hank here and don’t leave without yer’ cowboy hat.  We gonna have ourselves a hoot!

l’Apérock Café
46 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – Paris
M ∴ Oberkampf
…it’s free!

Vernissage “Luminaissances” + Concert

Mercredi le 4 décembre c’est le vernissage de mon exposition “Luminaissances”, dans la salle de répétition du Hangar à Ivry.

Mon groupe, Pelican Palace, va en suite jouer notre disque qui va sortir début 2014 !!!

Venez venez pour avoir un avant-premier de notre album, et pour voir ce que je vois derrière l’objectif !

Sinon, venez pour les free food and drinks !

– Texte de l’expo par M. Pêrig Mahet :
Luminaissances ? Pour accoucher de ces lumières-là, il fallait au moins l’œil acéré d’un vrai bluesman. Un oeil habitué aux lumières tamisées des fonds de nuits imbibées d’accords aux harmonies bâtardes. Ce mélange subtil de poisse et d’incandescence. Brandon Pusey nous vient de l’état d’Indiana. Un vrai “Hoosier” comme on les appelle la-bas. Il vit à Paris depuis 2007 et semble avoir réussi à transposer dans ses photos cet art du contraste où la couleur éclate du noir-néant, où elle engendre le mouvement. La vie quoi ! Des…Luminaissances !

C’est la première expo de Brandon. Shine a light !

PAF: Gratis ! Free !

Le Tremplin
dans la salle de répétition du Hangar
5 Rue Raspail
94200 – Ivry-sur-Seine
Metro Ligne 7: Marie d’Ivry

Concert @ Theatre de Verre

Rebelarte, a group of international artists/painters/photographers/lovers based in Paris, is celebrating Manifiesta VI, their final art celebration at the Theatre de Verre.  The night will include exhibitions, installations, live performances, homemade food from around the globe, and a dang good time.  We’ll be sharing the stage with Cumbia, a rocking band from South America! Hope to see you there…a good time guaranteed!! And so much more than music!

17 rue de la Chapelle
75018 Paris
métro: Marx Dormoy

Tonight – Pelican Palace @ Festival En Première Ligne

Ok, I know I know, the entire country of France is on holiday.  But if you get your hands on a calendar, skip by the already x’d out month of August and head straight to September 21. Our band Pelican Palace will be starting off the “rentrée” playing a festival in Ivry on Saturday September 21.

– See you tonight!!

Venez nombreux !

Festival En Première Ligne
L’espace Robespierre
2, rue Robespierre
94200 – Ivry-sur-Seine
Metro Line 7: Marie d’Ivry

Concert @ Café de l’Amitié

The Café de l’Amitié is a small café on a small street with a big ambiance.  I’ll be going acoustic for this gig, hoping that the neighbors will put up with the booming contrebasse.  New baby, new songs, still that same country blues groove.  Cuddle up at the concert!

Café de l’Amitié
22 rue Vignoles
75020 – Paris
Metro Ligne 2:  Avron


CONCERT @ Piston Pelican

The energetic international trio is back at it again at the Piston Pelican.   A free concert to free your mind. It’s electric!  A good time with bad French jokes guaranteed!  See you there!

Brandon Pusey – guitare/voix
Ben Vanhove – drums
Sylvain Chavaribeyre – contrebasse

Piston Pelican
15 rue de Bagnolet
75020 – Paris
Metro Ligne 2:  Alexandre Dumas

Concert @ Theatre de Verre

Rebelarte, a group of international artists based in Paris, is putting together another art exhibit at the Theatre de Verre.  The night will include exhibitions, installations, live performances, homemade food from around the globe, and a dang good time.  The order of concerts will be coming soon.  To be continued…

17 rue de la Chapelle
75018 Paris
métro: Marx Dormoy

Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

It’s on!

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 – Paris
Metro Line 9 – rue des Boulets

Concert @ Brady’s Irish Pub

Playing a blues set with Charles Barjou on electric guitar at Brady’s Irish Pub – 14 rue de Lisbonne – 75008. Should start up at around 8:00.

Brady’s Irish Pub
14 rue de Lisbonne
75008 – Paris

Concert @ Piston Pelican

Sylvain Chavaribeyre – Contrebasse
Ben Vanhove – Drums

Playing our favorite high flying bar in Paris, the Piston Pelican!

Piston Pelican
15 rue de Bagnolet
75020 – Paris

Concert @ Melting Potes

Hello Les Lilas !!!  We’re looking forward to that grand introduction that Biau gives us each time we play a show at the Melting Potes….and to rocking out Les Lilas !

Brandon Pusey – guitar/vocals
Sylvain Chavaribeyre – double bass
Ben Vanhove – percussion

Le Melting Potes
32 rue Jean-Moulin
93260 Les-Lilas
Metro Line 11:  Porte

Tuesday Night BizArt Jam Session

It’s on!

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 – Paris
Metro Line 9 – rue des Boulets

Concert @ Piston Pelican

OOOOooooo!!  I love the Pelican!  Small stage, big energy!

with Ben Vanhove on drums and Sylvain Chavaribeyre on double bass

Piston Pelican
15 rue de Bagnolet
75020 – Paris
Metro Line 2:  Alexandre Dumas

Concert @ Theatre de Verre

A friend of mine has started up an art association called Rebelart. They’ve partnered with a creation breeding hub called the Theatre de Verre, which houses a blend of different styles of artists.   I’ll be playing a set to help support the first of many Rebelart expositions on October 6th.

The official line up is as follows:


– PEINTURES de Jimmy MENDOZA et Gabriele


– Installation sensorielle de Luis PASINA présentée par l’artiste


– par Simon FALGUIERES

17:30 Spectacle de TANGO

– Thomas POUCET et Brenda WILLYNER

18:00 Performance installation : AUTO D’ EXCLUSION

– conception : Jimmy MENDOZA
– texte : Ezequiel
– musique : Pablo CORDOBA


– concert de musique peul (chant, guitare, basse, piano, tama, cora)


– rock  (chant, guitare et contrebasse) – That’s us !!!

21:00 SAMIR et YAZ

– musique latino- berbère (guitares, chant et percussions)

17 rue de la Chapelle
75018 Paris
métro: Marx Dormoy

Concert @ Le Hangar

8 bands, one night, 10 minutes of glory for each.  After a week recording what is to be our first album together, we’ll be lashing it all out on stage Saturday June 9th on the Hangar’s stage.

Le Hangar
5 Rue Raspail
94200 Ivry-sur-Seine
Metro Line 7:  Marie d’Ivry


Concert @ Les Combustibles

A combustible Cosmic Blues concert with:

Yank The Roost (That’s us!)
Do The Dirt

Friday June 15th @ 8:30 pm


Les Combustibles
14 Rue Abel
75012 – Paris

Concert @ Le Piston Pelican

The corner stage of the Piston Pelican is calling you…look for the red light and the pelican will lead you there.  This Friday night!

Concert at the Piston Pelican!

with Ben Vanhove on the drums and Sylvain Chavaribeyre on the double bass.

The last Piston show was an all nighter…let’s do it again shall we?

Piston Pelican
15 rue de Bagnolet
75020 – Paris
Metro Line 2: Alexandre Dumas

Le BizArt Jam Session

Welcome to Le BizArt Cafe………

See you down at the BizArt…tonight, for the Tuesday Night BizArt Jam Session.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 – Paris

Concert @ l’Aperock Cafe

Back to the rockin’ Aperock Cafe!  This time with the band!

Aperock Cafe
46 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – Paris

Concert @ Melting Potes aux Lilas

Sylvain Chavaribeyre – double bass
Ben Vanhove – drums
Brandon Pusey – guitar vocals

Melting Potes
32 rue Jean-Moulin
93260 Les Lilas
Metro Line 11: Mairie des Lilas

BizArt Jam Session w/ special guest Chelsea Crowell

Chelsea Crowell, daughter of Rosanne Cash and Rodney Crowell, granddaughter of Johnny Cash, will be stopping by to play us a few tunes at the BizArt.

Listen to her live at the jam, then become a fan here: https://www.facebook.com/chelseacrowellmusic

Here’s a taste:


Envie de faire la fête??

La Nuit de la Tong aura lieu le 22 octobre sur la péniche Concorde Atlantique (2 salles, terrasse) !

Au programme : concert rock (that’s us!…we’re rockin!), barbecue asiatique, DJ, et plein de surprises…

Prévente : 17€ avec une conso sur : www.nuitdelatong.com
Sur place : 22€ avec une conso

Cette nuit-là, tu pourras consommer sans modération et bouger ton corps sur le dance floor jusqu’au bout de la nuit car c’est pour une bonne cause : la construction de 6 classes au Cambodge.

L’intégralité des bénéfices de la soirée est reversée à Enfants du Mékong pour ce projet. Il reste 25 000€ à récolter !!

Grâce à toi et tes amis on va surpasser cet objectif ;-)) On compte sur toi !

Soirée organisée par la Bambou Connexion avec le Défi du Mékong

Concorde Atlantique
Port Solferino face au 23 quai Anatole France
75007 Paris

The BizArt Jam Session

I’m back from good jammin in the USA, and ready for some good ole French jammin now.  See you Tuesday!

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 – Paris
Metro Line 9: rue des Boulets

Pusey & Friends @ The Electric Brew

This Wednesday night, after playing on The Globe College Radio station, I’ll be playing a gig at The Electric Brew in downtown Goshen, Indiana.  Gypsy Revival will be coming up to jam!  Hope to see you there!

Thanks to Eric Strader Pottery for the photo.  This is a laser engraved pottery mug made by Eric himself. Check out his stuff!

Check out the official Facebook event page

The Electric Brew
136 south Main Street
Goshen, IN 46526

Live on 91.1 The Globe

This Wednesday at 3:00pm Indiana time (21h en France) , I’ll be playing live and chatting it up on

91.1 The Globe – Goshen College Radio Station

rated the best college radio station in the nation this year! You can Listen Live by streaming the program from their website.

Fellow Monticello boys Davey Allen and Mike Sanson of Gypsy Revival will be in the studio with me providing the back line. Dang this is gonna be fun!

Become an official fan

Rocher Rouler @ Le China Club

This will be the first official show with my new band Rocher Rouler.  Sylvain Chavaribeyre on contrebasse and Ben Vanhove on drums.  We’ll be opening up for the headliner Senai.  We kick off the night at 8:00!

A 40 minute set of straight Rockabilly Rock Delight.  Do it for your Parisian soul longing for some American energy!

Le China
50 rue de Charenton
75012 – Paris
Metro Line 8:  Ledru Rollin
…Free Entry…

All Right Jane @ Les Disquaires

It’s Friday night, and we feel alright!  All Right Jane opening up for a night of dancing, dressing up, and djs.  I’ll be breaking out the plaid pants for this one.  Here’s the description from the Facebook Event Page:

X-Day Prohibition Party @ Les DiSQUAiRES

Live All Right Jane: www.bpuseyband.com
Ben 9MM (bassline dubstep)
DJ ElolaFoL (electro rock)
DJ K-o (Rewind) (Dirty, Crack House)
DJ UltraVania (minimal, techno)

Parce qu’on a super kiffé la première édition de la Prohibition Party au mois d’octobre, on a décidé d’en faire une deuxième. Toujours le même principe, de la musique qui fait remuer les fesses et qui n’est pas d’époque, des costumes d’époque ou fabriqués pour l’occasion, une ambiance de sous-sol caché pendant la prohibition.

Les surprises pour les gens déguisés.

Mecs : imper, costume croisé, rayures, chapeau, armes à feu, bretelles, holster, cigares, godillots, gilet, montres à gousset, béret, nœuds papillon

Meufs : perruque, fume-cigarette, nuisette, porte-jarretelles, bas résilles, head-bands, plumes, cheveux crantés, chaussures à brides, talons aiguilles, chapeau haut de forme, cravate

On vous attend pour faire chauffer le plancher le Vendredi 24 Juin à partir de 20h.

6 bis rue des taillandiers
75011 – Paris
free entrance

Fete de la Musique @ l’Embuscade

The famous Fete de la Musique is taking over Paris on Tuesday.  I’ll be playing at l’Embuscade near the Canal St. Martin with my two new bands All Right Jane and Rocher Rouler, alongside my favorite “folk-blues-acoustic-gypsy-pop-rock-country” in the world, The A.B. Factory!  (Thanks to Clement for the description.  You can meet the brainiac in person on Tuesday if you like).  We’ll be playing in the street amongst the people, being the peasants that we are.

When?  Well, that’s up in the air, but as it’s Fete de la Musique, just drop by!  Guaranteed to be music of some sorts going on all night!

31 rue de Crussol
75011 – Paris

Concert: Rocher Rouler @ Eden Club – Munich Germany

Sylvain Chavaribeyre and Brandon Pusey, starting to be known as Rocher Rouler, are playing in Munich.  Trading stinky cheese for sour cabbage, Sylvain on double bass and I on acoustic are crossing the border for a swingin folk show in Munich at Eden Club.  Have German friends??  Up for a road trip??

Eden Club
Ledererstraße 3
80331 Munich

Pusey & Chavaribeyre @ Melting Potes

I’m teaming up with Sylvain Chavaribeyre of The AB Factory on the double bass and heading to Les Lilas to put on a nice country blues concert au Melting Potes.  We’ll play two sets, starting at 20h30.   So choose early, late, or both…but be sure to choose Pusey & Chavaribeyre!  Quels noms?!?

Melting Potes
32 rue Jean Moulin
93260 – Les Lilas
M° Ligne 11 – Mairie des Lilas

All Right Jane // Supervener // Dark Chocolate @ Scopitone

Located in the 1st arrondissment, between Pyramides and Opera, the Scopitone is the perfect spot for Rhim and I to amplify our All Right Jane sound.  This will be our second show, and first one electrified. Become a fan if haven’t already!

We’ll be opening up for Supervener and Dark Chocolate, so be sure to get there at 8:00 sharp in order to catch our set!!  Out of this world!

10€ for this very special concert in a rockin’ venue.

Le Scopitone
5, Avenue de l’Opéra
75001 Paris
Metro: Pyramides

CONCERT @ La Goutte De Terre

This concert is going to be a special one for two main reasons.  The first reason is that this will be the first show under the name of our new band.  The band name is coming soon…so be on the lookout for the flyer.  Rhim Zerguine and Brandon Pusey teaming up as one to form a band, and this will be the first official concert for us…so we would love to see you there for the support.  Rhim and I have played together several times over the past year, but it was usually Rhim accompanying me at one of my shows.  In fact, we played La Goutte de Terre for the Concert for Kynarou last month.  This time around, we’ll just be playing the songs we have worked on together.

The second reason is because the intimate setting and stage of La Goutte de Terre is the perfect place for a cozy Saturday night concert.  This small stage sparked something in our sound the first time…and now we are taking it a step further.  This venue doubles as an art gallery with drips of Earth Drops hanging from the ceiling, the signature pieces of the gallery/stage.  It’s filled with inspiration.  And even more inspiring is that this show is 100% acoustic, and limited to only 40 people, so be sure to shoot me a message to reserve.

Feel free to come early and have a look at the works of art on exhibit.

6 euros entry

La Goutte De Terre
46 rue Godefroy Cavaignac
75011 – Paris
Metro Line 9: Voltaire

CONCERT @ le 96

Again, Sylvain Chavaribeyre the contrebasse man and I will be playing the 96.  Sylvain’s influences of Dick Annegarn and Josh White will be combining with my influences of ol’ Fred McDowell and Brassens.  Sylvain and I had a good jam at The BizArt on Tuesday night.  Nice and smooth blues twined with a little country every once in a while.  We’ll be looking to build on that sound.  This’ll officially be our second show, so come and hear a work in progress !

le 96
96 boulevard de Charonne
75020 – Paris
Metro: Avron or Nation

CONCERT @ La Balle Au Bond

Concert with Sylvain Chavaribeyre on contrebasse.  Actively looking for a drummer that can fill in for the night…

This show is a private party for a friend who is leaving Paris after living here for 5 years.  If you’d like to come, just shoot me a message and I’ll put you on the list.

La Balle Au Bond
35 Quai de la Tournelle
Paris – by Notre Dame on the left bank

CONCERT @ Les Disquaires w/ The AB Factory

BP and The AB are teaming up once again to put together a rockin’ folk night of music at Les Disquaires in the 11th arrondissement.

The AB Factory:  Thanks to a happenstance meeting at a Mudcat concert in Paris, 2007, followed by several drinks and a shared interest in folk-blues-acoustic-gypsy-pop-rock-country music, the seeds for The Ab factory were officially sewn. Two weeks later at the Fête de Musique, Justin joined Clement and Sylvain for an impromptu concert that served as a catalyst for The AB Factory proper. After a few months of experimenting with different instrumentation and set-ups, they landed on the current formula of guitar/stand up bass/banjo and/or mandolin and/or guitar and/or ukulele. The rest, as they say, is history. Over the past two years they have been performing all around Paris, playing their original brand of ‘Fr-Americana’ music that has it’s roots in americana while retaining a european, gypsy folk feel. During the end of 2009 they recorded and self-produced the album ‘Archie Mule’ which contains 14 original songs in both French and English. The CD spans the terrain of folk, pop, country, gypsy, and the ‘chanson francaise.’ The Ab factory continues to play and evolve its blend of folk ‘gyspy’ rock in clubs, bars, street corners, and private parties throughout Paris, with plans to record another album of originals in 2010 and debate which member will get to keep the pink feather boa.

Brandon Pusey:  Well, I’m hoping you’ve got a good grasp on my style of music and how it came about, but if not, you should know that I’m playing a lot of improvised shows these days.  So the musicians accompanying me for this show will be a surprise.  In any case, I’ll be playing a lot of my newer songs that will be going on the second album….coming sooner than later.

** UPDATE – Rhim Zerguine will be joining me f0r another episode in harmony adventures.

Les Disquaires
6 rue des Taillandiers
75011 – Paris
Metro Ledru Rollin or Bastille

Concert @ Cafe Fou

To celebrate the release of our friend Delphine Santamaria’s first album, a host of groups/musicians will be playing on the peniche Cafe Fou.  I’ll be starting off the night at 8:00, then backing up Delphine on guitar with Eric Thiollier on harmonica and Charles Barjou.

Brandon Pusey 20h

Samtamaria 21h

Soem 22h

Marie et Delphine 22h45

Chris Kenna and Melissa Cox 23h15

Cafe Fou 
Port de la Gare
75013 PARIS

Kynarou Concert @ La Goutte de Terre // Acoustic Set with Rhim Zerguine

no images were found

Les associations Goutte de terre et Kynarou organisent la semaine de l’eau du 27 janvier au 2 février, à la Galerie Goutte de Terre, 46 rue Geoffroy Cavaignac, 75011 Paris (métro Voltaire).

Vous trouverez ci-dessous le programme de la semaine qui s’annonce riche en couleurs : exposition photos sur l’Inde, concerts, débat sur l’eau et la solidarité, projection du documentaire “les derniers parmi les hommes” sur l’intouchabilité en Inde, animations pour les enfants, produits de la boutique Kynarou…

Merci de bien vouloir réserver par mail si vous êtes intéressés par un de ces évènements car la Galerie ne peut accueillir que 35 à 40 personnes.

Nous vous remercions pour votre attention et espérons vous voir nombreux à la Semaine de l’eau.


Jeudi 27 janvier 2011 :

Mise en place de l’exposition photos et vente des produits de la boutique.
18h30 : Présentation de l’association Kynarou autour d’un verre(entrée libre)

Vendredi 28 janvier 2011 :

Journée Expo et vente de produits artisanaux la journée (entrée libre)
19h30 : Concert de Culotte & the Nickers – Folk rock (PAF : 5€)

Samedi 29 janvier 2011 :

Journée Expo et vente de produits artisanaux la journée
(PAF : 5€)
16h : Projection du documentaire « les derniers parmi les hommes » de Sophie Azemar (le film présente l’état de l’intouchabilité en Inde en 2010. Trois hommes, trois militants parlent de leur peuple, de leurs rêves, de leurs espoirs dans une Inde partagée entre modernité et traditions)
19h30 : Concert de Zamua

Dimanche 30 janvier 2011 :

Journée : Expo et vente de produits artisanaux
16h : tchai et cake (entrée libre)

Lundi 31 janvier 2011 :

Journée : Expo et vente de produits artisanaux la journée
20h : Projection du documentaire « les derniers parmi les hommes » de Sophie Azemar (le film présente l’état de l’intouchabilité en Inde en 2010. Trois hommes, trois militants parlent de leur peuple, de leurs rêves, de leurs espoirs dans une Inde partagée entre modernité et traditions) (PAF : 5€)

Mardi 1 février 2011 :

Journée : Expo et vente de produits artisanaux la journée
18h30 : Débat sur l’eau et la solidarité avec de nombreux intervenants spécialisés (PAF : 5€)

Mercredi 2 février 2011 :

Journée : Expo et vente de produits artisanaux la journée
16h : Animations et Jeux pour les enfants autour de l’eau
19h30 : Concert de Brandon Pusey – Rock folk blues (PAF : 5€)

Raphaël Schaltegger
Galerie Goutte de Terre
46 rue Godefroy Cavaignac
75011 Paris
01 43 73 69 77


Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

Happy Holidays everyone!  I’ve had a lot of people asking when the next BizArt Jam Session will be.  The Jam will start back up in 2011 on the 11th of January, after the holiday break.  Hope to see you there, nice and plump from all of that foie gras the grandparents shoved down your gullet!

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 – Paris
Metro Line 9:  rue des Boulets

Old School Blues Concert @ le 96

That’s right.  I’m following the wise man’s words and taking a few steps back.  Back to a good ol’ cool blues set with my main blues man Charles Barjou.  Charlie Boy and I starting jamming together at the BizArt a few years ago, then moved on to doing some shows together.  I think it’s been over a year since we’ve done a show together though, so I’m going to start 2011 off right with a chillin’ blues set.

The 96 is a perfect setting for this type of show.  It’s nice and small with limited seating, plus the owners are good friends.  And above all, I’m really looking forward to playing a set with ol’ Charlie Boy.  Hope to see you there.

Le 96
96 boulevard Charonne
75020 – Paris
Metro: Nation or Alexandre Dumas

Every Man Has Your Voice – Concert with OK @ Espace B

Hey man.  Not you man.  Every man.

I went to a show last month at Espace B in the 20th arrondissement, one of my favorite venues to both play and listen to live music.  By strong request from Paris peers and from band members themselves, I went to the EMHYV concert on November 14th.  I had listened to their album in my headphones, a braid of acoustic music and experimental harmonies,  painted with spooky electric guitar effects, but seeing them live in a venue like the Espace B was pure perfectoness.  The sound came alive.  Every man’s original folk duo voice became fourfold, it became intensified with tender female vocals from Andrea Perdue, it almost exploded with drums, then it sent me dreaming about a spiritual voyage to India in search for Jérémie’s harmonium.  Christophe created such a deep sound from the ukulele through flamenco style strumming.  I’m always a sucker for harmonies, especially live ones.

If you get a chance, go see them live!  If you don’t get a chance, have a listen below:

CONCERT @ Piston Pelican

The wonderful crew at the Piston Pelican have invited me back to play a Saturday night on rue Bagnolet.  I’m looking for a funky line-up of musicians for this upbeat show.  Stay tuned for the official players…

Piston Pelican
15 rue Bagnolet
75020 – Paris
Metro Line 2:  Alexandre Dumas

Tuesday Night BizArt Jam Session

The jam continues every Tuesday night at the BizArt Cafe.  The circle of musicians is getting bigger and bigger.  Bring an instrument and join on in.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 – Paris

Concert Tonight @ Le Central for the “Défi du Mékong” association

The Défi du Mékong association will be hosting a get together for all contributors, and well, anyone else interested in learning more.  I’ll start playing some live tunes at around 10:00 or so.

Le Central
29 rue Saint Lazare
75009 – Paris

Concert Tonight @ Le 5eme Cru – Soirée Beaujolais

Last minute concert tonight to celebrate the new Beaujolais (what a French tradition!) with harominca player David Chalumeau.

Le 5eme Cru
7 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine
75005 PARIS

Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

Just a reminder to all that the Tuesday night BizArt Jam Session is still rocking. I’ll start off the night with an acoustic set at 9:00, and from there we continually add, mix, and match instruments and musicians. The jam tends to lean towards folk, blues, and rock music….but any and all styles/instruments are welcome.

I’m bringing my camera this week to carve some memories in technological stone.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris
Metro Line 9:  rue des Boulets

Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

Last night’s jam was a long one!  Thanks to everyone for coming out, and to Patricia for being the first one there!  We experimented with a double violin set from Aurelian and Joe and a double harmonica set from Eric and I.  Looking forward to see what cooks up next week.  Same time same place.  We’re hoping Culotte & The Nickers will show up as entire group….keep your fingers crossed!

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
Paris – 75011

BizArt Tuesday Jam Session

At the Biz tonight, as per usual every Tuesday night.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris

Acoustic show @ The Crown

I’ll be flying solo Thursday night at a new place called The Crown, just down the street from Moulin Rouge in Pigalle.

The Crown
27 rue Fontaine
75009 Paris

Tuesday night BizArt jam session

Every Tuesday night, Le BizArt Cafe hosts a jam session open to all musicians.  I’ll start off the night with a one hour set and then open up the collective creation process.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris
Metro Line 9:  rue des Boulets

Concert @ Les Disquaires Sunday Night

Rhim Zerguine and I will be performing at Les Disquaires on Sunday night. We’ll be opening the show, followed up by the AB Factory, then Lucky Lindy finishes off the night.

A Sunday night in Bastille nice and tranquilo. Hope to see you there. Rhim and I will be trying a few of my new songs.

Les Disquaires
6 rue Taillandiers
75011 Paris

Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

I’ll be opening up the jam with a one hour set at Le BizArt Cafe, just like all the other Tuesdays to come.  Welcome to the BizArt Cafe….bring your axe and we’ll chop it up.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris
Metro Line 9:  rue des Boulets

Photos/Videos – Brandon Pusey & Mathieu Goulin + Lucky Lindy @ Espace B

Exit the metro, pass the vegetable stand, and follow the arched, elevated road to 16 Rue Barbanègre.  From the outside, the Espace B looks like your neighborhood brasserie.  Head to the back and you enter one of my favorite concert halls in Paris.  Standing room only in this mini version of La Boule Noire. Tonight, Brandon Pusey and Mathieu Goulin are the opening act for Paris rock folk group Lucky Lindy.

I brought along my acoustic and electric guitar for the gig. Mathieu Goulin (who plays contrabass in a few other bands including Les Ongles Noirs) who plays a mean, slaptastic double bass. It’s a lot of fun playing a show with Mathieu because we both like to improvise. Plus, you’ve got to love the way he hops around on stage with that massive instrument. Vas-y Mathieu, “C’est do”.

As usual Lucky Lindy brought out their bag of harmonious bag of tricks to finish rocking the night. Accordions and little red pianos (thanks for letting me bang the keys on a few songs), Thomas’ extreme xylophone attacking madness to Léo’s eerie sounds on the saw, the band visited several styles throughout the show…ending off the night with an unplugged version of “The Greatest Aviator”.

A big thanks to the lovely Maud Lichtenberger for taking photos.  Although not as lovely as Maud, thanks to Pierre-Arnaud Galiana (founder of concert promoting Paris Is Burning) for taking pictures as well.  And last but not least, Mr. Etienne Vitaux, the man behind the video camera, deserves a round of applause for filming the entire concert and editing the videos.  This is a vid of the song that opened the show:  “In Good Time”.

Maud’s pics:

Pierre-Arnaud’s Pics:

Espace B
16 Rue Barbanègre
75019 Paris, France

Rene Miller – Busking on rue Francs Bourgeois

Taking a stroll through the east side of the Marais, near Bastille, you run into some major busking action.  My friend Rene Miller, and his one man band, is one busker that you will frequently find in the ‘hood playing an old school blues on his signature metal bodied resonator guitar.

If you’re lucky, you can catch him playing most Sundays in the area.  If you’re not lucky, well, you might wanna stop walkin’ under ladders.

More info and photos on Rene’s website:  http://www.renemillersweddingband.com/

rue Francs Bourgeois
75004 Paris

CONCERT PHOTOS – Espace B w/ This Is The Kit + Ollie Fury + Freddie Keen

A big thanks to This Is The Kit, Ollie Fury, and Freddie Keen for letting me play a few songs at the end of the night.  I was happy to be a part of this group of outstanding acoustic musicians.  I’ll be playing the Espace B again with Lucky Lindy on August 26th.

Espace B
16 rue Barbanègre
Paris 75019

CONCERT @ Cafe de la Plage

Another concert for the Kynarou Association.  Your entry fee helps fund Kynarou and their efforts to bring safe drinking/gardening water to several villages in India.  The acoustic punk sound of Culotte & The Nickers will be joining the show just like the last one.  This trio was recently featured live on the Paris radio station France Culture for the segment Le Rendez-Vous.  Also playing is another folk trio called The AB Factory, rockin’ the guitar, double bass, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle.

Le Cafe de la Plage
59 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris

CONCERT @ Espace B w/ Lucky Lindy

For this concert, I’ll be flying alongside Parisian folk rock group Lucky Lindy at Espace B.  These aviators break out the goggles as well as a 12-string, ukulele, violin, double bass, xylophone, guitar, harmonies, and a boomin bass drum.  Only 5€ for a night of folk music.

Lucky Lindy + Brandon Pusey Facebook Event Page

Espace B
16 Rue Barbanègre
75019 Paris, France

CONCERT @ Les Cariatides w/ Freddie Keen

I am opening up again for Freddie Keen at Les Cariatides.  Two sets of unplugged (but plugged in) acoustic music.

Les Cariatides
3 Rue de Palestro
75002 Paris
01 42 36 19 72

p.s.  Thanks to my friend Emilie Wood for the photo !

CONCERT @ Les Disquaires w/ Freddie Keen

I’ll be playing another show with Freddie Keen (from London) at Les Disquaires.   Freddie and I will be playing different sets, but both on an acoustic guitar.  If you’re not lying on the beach somewhere on “les vacances” then come for a listen.  Free entry.

Les Disquaires
6 Rue des Taillandiers
75011 Paris
06 61 16 19 84

Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

Tuesday night is the last jam before the holidays.  Then we’ll be back in September.  See you there!

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris

CONCERT @ Le Vieux Léon w/ Freddie Keen

Freddie Keen from London town will be in Paris playing a few gigs this summer.  He’s starting off mini Paris tour at the Vieux Léon this Thursday, and he has asked me to open for him.  An Englishman and an American teaming up for an acoustic show in the heart of Paris…should be a good one.
I met ol’ Freddie when we played a show organized by Paris Is Burning at The Cross Kings in Kings Cross London.  He’s a songwriting, fingerpicking machine.  I’m really looking forward to playing another show with him.  And who knows, we might just collaborate on a couple of songs….

Le Vieux Léon
18 Rue de la Grande Truanderie
75001 Paris
01 42 21 17 38
Free Entry

Weekly Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

I’ll be running the Chris Kenna jam session at the BizArt this week.  I’ll be starting my set at 9:00, then opening it up to all the gunslingers directly after.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris

PHOTOS – Concert @ Cafe de la Plage for Kynarou

Thanks to everyone for coming out the Brandon Pusey / Culotte & The Nickers concert Thursday night at Le Cafe de la Plage.  All the concert proceeds went to the Kynarou Association, who helps bring a better life to underprivileged villages in the southern part of India.  Go ahead, check off that good deed for the week.

Here are some pictures!  Mathieu Goulin on contrabass, accompanying yours truly.  Mathieu and I improvised on a free (or freak…) jazz version of Tennessee Makicata.  Culotte & The Nickers put on a steamy stage show during their version of Fever.   And as usual, the Kynarou people danced the night away.

You can leave a comment below !!

Le Cafe de la Plage
59 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris

PHOTOS – Tribute to Chris Kenna @ Le BizArt Cafe

Chris Kenna came to the jam session on June 1st thinking it was going to be another Tuesday night like the others.  Only to his surprise, his old band Moonray had setup their drum set and keyboards for the surprise tribute to Kenna’s music.  He started off the night jamming with his old band, playing all the classics that naturally got the place going.  Then, the BizArt crew and many other friends took over the night.  Each group prepared their own version of a Chris Kenna song.  Culotte & The Nickers did “Picture girl”.  Melissa Cox did “Sometimes You Stay”.  Delphine Santamaria – “Far Away”.  Perry Argel – “This Big Ol’ House”.  Brandon Pusey – “The Cowboy”.  Camille – “Big Black Cloud”.

The night was a blast and the surprise tribute was a success.  Thanks to Remi and Henri of Moonray for coming out to The BizArt and setting up shop.  Thanks to all the musicians for putting together a Kenna song.  Thanks to the BizArt Cafe for providing a great place to house the Tuesday night jam session.  And of course, thanks to Chris Kenna for his dedication to the music.

See ya Tuesday?!

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
Paris 75011

CONCERT @ l’Empreinte

Members of the East Side Wrecking Crew (Perry Argel, Chris Kenna, Melissa Cox, Mathieu Goulin, myself, etc) are teaming up to help a friend get some music rolling in his bar.  Every Thursday during the month of June there will be a concert.  My show will be the 17th with Mathieu on the contrabass.  Mathieu’s jumpin’ and jivin’ groove adds a rhythm to my music that I have been searching for for a while.  Come and check it out!

L’Empreinte serves up a nice dinner if you’re looking to eat while listening.

Chris Kenna and Melissa Cox will be performing on the 24th.

54 Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris, France
01 43 47 25 59

Fete de la Musique 2010

La Fete de la Musique is going to be a busy one for me this year.  I’ll be playing for the Kynarou Association (location to be determined) at around 6:30pm, doing a set of my own feel good country blues.  Be sure to check back here for location details.Then, at 9:00pm I’ll be changing suits as I head to La Sorbonne to join Gilles Andrieux and Margot Abascal on the stage of the Amphithéatre Richelieu.  Our group will be a part of a night of La Chanson Francaise.  Each group will be performing one song.  Free entry.  Here is the list of performers, including some legends of the song and the big screen !!
Gérard LENORMAN, Pierre BAROUH, Hélène MARTIN, François CORBIER, Grâce de CAPITANI, Bernard MENEZ, Emilie MARSH, Etienne CHAMPOLLION, LILICUB,

Pierre SOUCHON, Eric GUILLETON, Céline CAUSSIMON, NESLES, Monsieur LUNE, Manu LODS,  MATEO, Sandrine CABADI, Lucienne DESCHAMPS, Marc HAVET, Marie ESPINOSA, Nicolas BACCHUS et Hélène MERLIN, Claude MERCUTIO, Bastien LUCAS, Margot ABASCAL,


It’s going to be a big night!  So be sure to reserve your seats NOW, before it’s sold out !!

Amphithéâtre Richelieu en Sorbonne :
17 rue de la Sorbonne
75005 Paris
Métro:  Cluny La Sorbonne
RER Luxembourg et St Michel

Entrée libre sur réservation :
01 40 46 33 72

Tuesday night BizArt Jam Session

I’ll be jamming at the BizArt tonight…

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris

Video Clip – My Orangina – chez Thibau

This video was shot on a fine day at the beginning of spring in a classic Montmartre apartment. Rhim Zerguine is on backup vocals, and Gabriele Rossi is behind the camera shooting this one-shot video. A big thanks to Thibau Rivery for welcoming us into his apartment and letting us ransack the place!

My Orangina is a new song I’m working on for the second album.  Ain’t nothin’ better than diving into the jubilation and utter joy of love.  Can you dig it ?

CONCERT @ L’Empreinte

I’ll be playing a show tonight with the “East Side Wrecking Crew”, meaning all these musicians that regularly play on the east end of Paris:  Chris Kenna (singer songwriter), Perry Argel (singer guitar harmonica), Melissa Cox (violin), Mathieu Goulin (double bass).

54 avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris

CONCERT @ Le Soleil de la Butte

Back and Forth presents a night of music at Le Soleil de la Butte. Here is a list of the artists performing:  Cisco Herzhaft (Blues) – Krys (Pop-Rock) – Serao (Funk) – Brandon Pusey (Americana) – Vincent Galahad (Soul) – A Bonny (Power Pop).   Each group dips into a different style.  It’s a great opportunity to discover some new artists.

Paf:  10€

Le Soleil de la Butte
32 rue Muller
75018 Paris
Metro Line 2: Anvers

Chris Kenna Jam Session @ Le BizArt Café

The Chris Kenna caravan is on the loose.   Jam Session every Tuesday night at 9:00pm at:

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris

Photos/Videos – Concert @ La Scene Bastille

A big thanks to Lucky Lindy, The AB Factory and the crew at La Scene Bastille for a great concert on Monday May 10th. I opened up the night with an Indiana/Virginia inspired tune on the acoustic guitar with Rhim Zerguine on backup vocals and Mathieu Goulin on contrabass. Then, Tatou got behind the drums, I put down the acoustic, picked up my new semi-hollow body electric guitar, and together we created a twangin’ new sound. I really dig the swinging groove this group adds to my music.

Here are some photos and videos of our performance at La Scene Bastille:

La Scène Bastille
2 rue des Taillandiers
75011 Paris

CONCERT @ l’OPA Bastille

An out of this world, cosmic blues concert featuring:
Dunndotta, Culotte & The Nickers and Brandon Pusey.

9 rue Biscornet
Paris 75012
Metro Bastille

Accompanying Margot Abascal @ La Sorbonne

Concert: Chanson française en Sorbonne avec Bernard SAUVAT, Margot ABASCAL, Manu LODS et Yannick LE NAGARD.

Je vais accompagner Margot Abascal à la guitare.

Organisé par Matthias Vincenot avec le soutien de la commission FSDIE.

GRATUIT mais réservation obligatoire : 01 40 46 33 72 ou agenda-culturel@paris-sorbonne.fr

Amphithéâtre Richelieu en Sorbonne :
17 rue de la Sorbonne
75005 Paris
Métro:  Cluny La Sorbonne
RER Luxembourg et St Michel

Concert @ Piston Pelican

The Piston Pelican is an old school joint with a little cozy stage in a kitsch setting serving up a great atmosphere for an up close and personal concert.

Piston Pelican
15 Rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris
Metro Line 2: Alexandre Dumas

Concert @ La Plage

I’ll be playing another show with good friends and rockin’ band Culotte & The Nickers.  The show is to benefit the Kynarou Association which helps get potable water to villages in India.   Kynarou will have a stand there selling handmade items from the villages they help in the southern part of India.  A good time to be had by all.

Le Café de la Plage
59 rue de Charonne
Paris 75011

Kynarou Association

Accompanying Margot Abascal @ Le China

BENEDICT en concert
avec ses musiciens Kevin Serpaggi , Hélène Langlois, Philippe Raynaud.

Pour commencer la soirée : Margot Abascal en invitée avec son guitariste Brandon Pusey.

50 rue de Chatenton 75012 Paris
Entrée libre
Réservation : 01 43 46 08 09

CONCERT @ La Scène Bastille

A night of folk blues music at La Scène Bastille.  This rockin’ venue holds 350 people, so there’s plenty of room for you and your friends!  Tickets will be sold at the door:  12€.  I’ll be opening the night up at 19h30 for The AB Factory and Lucky Lindy.

Lucky Lindy:

Entre folk atmosphérique et explosion aérienne, les 4 aviateurs des Lucky Lindy vous feront oublier la gravité l’espace d’un instant pour vous prouver qu’ils sont les plus grands aviateurs!

Au programme: Harmonicas poussiéreux et guitares tonitruantes, violon incontrôlable et tintement de glockenspiel rêveur… enfilez vos lunettes et bouclez vos ceintures le décollage sera sûrement très mouvementé!


The AB Factory nous transporte vers des contrées pleines de mélodies de couleurs et de convivialité. Le groupe Franco Américain jongle entre a merveille entre le coté folklorique et celui de la chanson à texte française, mélange détonant ou ce rencontre deux cultures rarement confrontées musicalement. Avis aux amateurs d’instruments farfelus et atypiques tel que le banjo ou la mandoline, ce groupe de joyeux troublions vous scotchera les oreilles!


Brandon Pusey:  Chanteur folk talentueux au influences très bluesy, la musique Brandon Pusey nous fait voyager travers les vastes paysages Américains grâce a ces morceaux envoûtants et bordés d’une touche de mélancolie. Musique Idéale pour contempler un coucher de soleil tout en sirotant une bière bien fraîche.

Brandon Pusey ouvrira ouvrira la danse avec sa folk blues inspirée et atmosphérique


Here is the link to La Scène Bastille concert website

La Scène Bastille
2 bis rue des Taillandiers
75011 Paris
Prix: 12€
Metro Ligne 8: Ledru Rollin
Metro Ligne 1/5: Bastille


A nice stage with a nice sound system.  5€ at the door.  Rhim Zerguine will be joining me.  This concert will kick off a host of new venues, new concerts, and new music.

Le Pix
49 rue Pixérécourt
75020 Paris
Métro ligne 11: Télégraphe ou Place des Fêtes

Tuesday BizArt Jam Session

The open mic/jam session continues every Tuesday night at The BizArt Cafe.

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
Paris 75011
Metro Line 9:  rue des Boulets

CONCERT – l’Apérock Café

Back to the Apérock Café with Skalou and the crew for another concert.  Rhim Zerguine will be singing backup vocals with me…and we’ll be playing a few new songs that we have written together.

May 1st, 2010
Apérock Café
46 boulevard Voltaire
Paris 75007
Metro Line 5: Oberkampf

Accomagner Rhim Zerguine – Leslee’s Joint Interview + Acoustic Set

BACK & FORTH vous présente sa soirée LESLEE’S JOINT samedi 3 avril 2010 au Pix, 49 rue Pixérécourt 75020 Paris Métro Télégraphe ou Place des Fêtes ligne 11.

A 19h30: MAGIC MOMENTS présenté par Aurélien NTJAM.

Ce Talk-Show accueille deux artistes qui présentent leur oeuvre et interprètent trois de leurs titres en acoustique.

– RHIM ZERGUINE, jeune auteur compositeur interprète et guitariste de talent vous propose de découvrir ses chansons blues folk qui ne manqueront pas de vous transporter tout en douceur dans son universe.

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Je vais accompagner Rhim sur la guitare.

Le Pix
49 rue Pixérécourt
75020 Paris
Métro ligne 11:  Télégraphe ou Place des Fêtes

The London Experience – Photos/Videos

Thank you England!  You were fantastic!  I figured I would just be going to England to play the show on Saturday.  However, I ended up stuffing a lorry load’s worth of British culture into my system, most of it landing in my stomach.  First bite to eat in England was a carvery.  For you unfamiliar non-British folk, the carvery is what I consider to be an all-you-can-eat dinner…with only one trip.  Meaning, you’ve got one shake at loading your £3.50 plate with as much food as possible.  My American roots came through strong.  Here’s the list:  Turkey, beef, pork, gammon, yorkshire pudding, roasted taters, caramelized onions, savoy cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower, green peas, sweet corn, carrots, and stuffing.  Not bad eh?  Don’t forget about the sauce:  mint sauce, horseradish, cranberry, apple sauce, and good ol’ spicy English mustard.  Washed down with a pint of mahogany colored bitter London Pride. After that experience…no dessert.

Next morning I couldn’t help but ordering a the typical English breakfast with bacon, eggs, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, sausage, topped off with a little brown sauce.  With a tummy full of goodness, we took the train from Birmingham into London to play my first concert in London.  The show was at The Cross Kings near Kings Cross, organized by concert promoters Paris is Burning:  Pierre-Arnaud Galiana and Melissa Thierry.

Rhim Zerguine and I shared the night of music with fingerpicking virtuoso Freddie Keen and young French rock band Orphee’s Cry.  Big thanks to Pierre, Melissa, and the Cross Kings crew for making the night a success.  We had a blast…evident in the pictures!  Looking forward to working with you again.  Thanks to the photographer Riko for taking some great pictures of the bands.

Last but not least, a special thank you to the crowd of supporting fans that came from around the globe to see the show.  I was happy to see old friends from Australia, England, France, Netherlands, and Sweden.  Thanks to Stewey for cooking a delicious Sunday roast, for welcoming my sister in your cow costume, and for providing the piano on a memorable version of Feelin’ Fruity.  Bananas!!!

The Cross Kings
126, York Way, N1 0GA
London, United Kingdom

Concert Photos/Videos – Le 241

Thanks to some fine film directing and picture taking, I’ve got 3 videos and some pics from Saturday’s concert with Rhim Zerguine and Pete Begbie.  No thanks to the low lighting, the color of the videos aren’t the best…but hey, “on fait avec les moyens du bord”.  As you’ll see in the video, Rhim is now adding her smooth, harmonically harmonious harmonies to my music.  She’ll be playing a set with me at the Piston Pelican concert on Friday night…as well as sharing the stage with me in London. Tight !

Below you’ll find a video of “My Orangina”.  I’m still working on that song…got any feedback for me???

A big thanks to Valery and Julien of the 241.  Thanks to the audience for coming out “nombreux” and pulling up a seat on the floor as seating was limited … especially all you Rhim Zerguine supporters.  You rock!

Don’t forget about Pete Begbie’s booming voice.  It rattled the cave walls!  I’m sure you will see another Brandon Pusey / Rhim Zerguine / Pete Begbie concert in the future.

Until then, enjoy the media from the show:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Concert Video – Le Caylus

This is a short clip from the concert Saturday night.  Thanks to all you crazy people at Le Caylus (I’m pronouncing that correctly these days!).  Had a blast singin’ and stompin’, shoutin’ and dancin’ all night long.

YouTube Preview Image

Le Caylus
18 rue des Halles
75011 Paris
Le Caylus Facebook Page

CONCERT @ le 241

Saturday night show with Rhim Zerguine and Pete Begbie.  Rhim and I will be testing out newly worked harmonies on some of my songs, which she will be singing with me on stage in London.  It’s a great mix !  Her voice has a world music feel to it, heavily influenced by Indian music, along with soul power.   This will be my first show at le 241.

le 241
241 faubourg saint antoine
75011 Paris

Last Minute Concert @ Le Caylus

I’ve just added a show for Saturday night at the last second.  I’m trying to grab as many shows as possible before the big London gig so I can be on top of my game.  I’ll be using a loop pedal at this show, so I’ll be creating some fresh sounds and laying down country blue funky rhythms.

Le Caylus
18, rue des Halles
75001 PARIS

Tuesday night BizArt Jam Session

After a week basking in the Caribbean sun, I’m back to work at the weekly BizArt Cafe jam session with Chris Kenna

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris
Metro Line 9: rue des Boulets

en CONCERT avec Delphine Santamaria

Delphine Santamaria will be playing at the home of the Tuesday night jam session this Friday night. I’ll be accompanying her on acoustic guitar, Charles Barjou on electric guitar, and Eric Thiollier will be wearing his belt of harmonicas (and playing them as well.)

BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris
Metro Line 9: rue des Boulets

CONCERT @ Cross Kings in LONDON

Concert promoter Paris Is Burning presents a night of music from French and English bands, held in the middle of King’s Cross in downtown London at Cross Kings.   Bon, I’m an American in Paris, so they’ve counted me as a French musician…gladly accepted !

Advance tickets on http://www.wegottickets.com/event/71739
Discounted price for the early birds who buy tickets in advance !
£5 at the door.

★★★ Orphee’s Cry (London) ★ http://www.myspace.com/thisistheoc
A young (as in: barely authorised to step into a pub), muse-inspired, rock trio born in France. After a successful gig in London last year, they decide to move and settle here to get their share of the fun. Come and welcome them on the best side of the Channel!
★★★ Freddie Keen (London) ★ http://www.myspace.com/freddiekeen
Elaborately plucked acoustic blues from Keen, whose ‘City Living’ recalls Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Stars Of Track And Field’, playing tracks from his debut EP “Steel and Slide”. At least that’s what TimeOut said about him. We believe he’s probably the fastest blond guitar player in the capital. And he’ll bring his new mates on stage for a more electric taste of his forthcoming album.
★★★ Sam Gratt (Nancy, France) ★ http://www.myspace.com/samgratt
Coming for us all the way from a remote, cold, dark and rainy place called Nancy (that’s in France, but I can assure you the weather is a bad as in London), he’ll bring along his world famous (and probably copyrighted) Swunk, a successful and cheerful mix of swing, funk and french songs.
★★★ Brandon Pusey (Paris) ★ http://www.myspace.com/bpuseyband
Travel junkie Brandon Pusey is a grassroots folk, blues, americana musician whose toe-tapping pulse and good-time vibe has established him on the music scene in Paris, France. He hails from a small town in Indiana and has music influences that range from growing up in the rural Midwest, to musical geniuses like Taj Mahal and The Avett Brothers, to the countless cultures he experienced during an eight month solo exploration around the world.

The Cross Kings
126, York Way, N1 0GA
London, United Kingdom

Tuesday BizArt Cafe Jam Session

Le BizArt Cafe
30 rue des Boulets
75011 Paris
Metro Line 9: rue des Boulets

CONCERT Solidarité Haïti @ Le Pecq

Je joue avec Delphine Santamaria vendredi soir à 18h55 au profit de l’association “Ti Chans pou Haïti” qui aide les gens de Haïti.  Le concert se déroulera dans La Salle des Fêtes au Pecq 78230, sur La Seine dans le banlieue d’ouest de Paris. Entrée à 5€ – Cliquez ici pour plus d’infos:  site internet du Pecq

I’m playing Friday night at 6:55pm with Delphine Santamaria for a concert to raise money for the charity “Ti Chans pou Haïti” which helps the people of Haiti.  The concert will take place in La Salle des Fêtes in Le Pecq 78230, along The Seine in the western suburbs of Paris.  Cost:  5€ – Here is the website of The City of Le Pecq for more information.

La Salle des Fêtes
3 Quai Voltaire
78230 Le Pecq

CONCERT Photos – Back And Forth Interview @ Le Pix

A few pictures from the interview with Aurelien and the Back Forth crew at Le Pix a couple weeks ago.  I’ll update you as soon as the video goes live on the net.  Had the chance to play three songs during the interview, so I started off with my new funky country mudslidin’ blues “My Orangina”.  Next came the drop D groove of “In Good Time”.  And finally, “New Destination” featured a musician/friend named Rhim on harmonies.  Rhim and I are currently working on combining our sounds to form a harmonious duo…more on that to come!

CONCERT – Piston Pelican

The Piston Pelican is an old school joint with a long and winding polished metal bar, gaudy gold framed mirrors on the walls, and a kitsch setting serving up a great atmosphere for a concert. Follow the link to their website below for more photos and videos of the bar.

Piston Pelican
15 Rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris
Metro Line 2: Alexandre Dumas or Philippe Auguste

CONCERT PHOTOS – Piston Pelican

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Piston Pelican last Friday on January 22nd!

Piston Pelican
15 rue de Bagnolet
75020 Paris
01 43 71 15 76

Live Interview + 3 songs unplugged @ Le Pix

BACK & FORTH presents LESLEE’S JOINT, a talk show held live at Le Pix the first and third Saturday of the month.  This Saturday Brandon Pusey will be the special guest to be interviewed, along with an unplugged performance of three of his songs. 

20h au Pix
49 rue Pixérécourt
75020 Paris
M° Télégraphe ou Place des Fêtes

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