Every Man Has Your Voice – Concert with OK @ Espace B

Hey man.  Not you man.  Every man.

I went to a show last month at Espace B in the 20th arrondissement, one of my favorite venues to both play and listen to live music.  By strong request from Paris peers and from band members themselves, I went to the EMHYV concert on November 14th.  I had listened to their album in my headphones, a braid of acoustic music and experimental harmonies,  painted with spooky electric guitar effects, but seeing them live in a venue like the Espace B was pure perfectoness.  The sound came alive.  Every man’s original folk duo voice became fourfold, it became intensified with tender female vocals from Andrea Perdue, it almost exploded with drums, then it sent me dreaming about a spiritual voyage to India in search for Jérémie’s harmonium.  Christophe created such a deep sound from the ukulele through flamenco style strumming.  I’m always a sucker for harmonies, especially live ones.

If you get a chance, go see them live!  If you don’t get a chance, have a listen below:

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