The Artist

Travel junkie Brandon Pusey is a grassroots folk, blues, americana musician whose toe-tapping pulse and good-time vibe has established him on the music scene in Paris, France. He hails from a small town in Indiana and has music influences that range from growing up in the rural Midwest, to musical geniuses like Taj Mahal and The Avett Brothers, to the countless cultures he experienced during an eight month solo exploration around the world.  The adventure started in Hanoi, Vietnam where he purchased a guitar that would be carried over his shoulder through 20 countries on three continents.  He finally settled in Paris where he crafted his sound under the watchful eye of some of the city’s hardest working and most respected musicians.

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The Album

“New Destination” is the first of undoubtedly many more albums to come from Brandon Pusey.  This raw acoustic album with hints of harmonica and flute, is inspired by an eight month trip around the world, justifying the term “travel music.”  Songs like “Two Bottles” and “Tennessee Makicata” provide the sing-along, hootin’ and hollarin’ blues side of the album, while the bass string bouncing and fingerpicking style of “The Code” and “Walkin’ With My Friends” mellow out the sound to a folk groove.

The album was not recorded in Paris, the city Pusey now calls home, but instead with microphone guru Bruce Bartlett on a trip back to his Midwestern roots in Indiana, USA.  “Music was my outlet during my travel which is why this is titled “New Destination”. I wanted the album to give listeners the feeling they would get at my shows;  a raw acoustic vibe bursting with enthusiasm.It’s on the next album that I am going to add more layers to the cake, and feature musicians I play with here in Paris.”

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